Let us introduce you to CrossFit Clean Slate!


What's in a Name?

Some have been asking about our new name —CrossFit Clean Slate.  We chose this name for several reasons.  As you know, it is symbolic for starting over. Wiping the slate clean. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, clean slate is “a state in which you are starting an activity or process again, not considering what has happened in the past.” This is how many people find CrossFIt. There is a desire to do something different— a need to break through old monotonous exercise routines or a desire to start a new lifestyle altogether. 

There is additional symbolism with the name. The word CLEAN is obvious to anyone doing CrossFit. The Olympic Lift (the clean) is primarily intended to develop power; something many of us desire— power— power to change and to take control of our destiny. It teaches “force production like no other lift” in our toolbox. The word SLATE  also symbolizes the history of the town in which  this business operates. Samuel  Slater, the "Father of the American Industrial Revolution,” named  the town after his friend Daniel Webster. 

For whatever reason, the name CLEAN SLATE has multiple meanings and seemed quite appropriate for this new journey. 

We are in a soft-launch during renovations and remain open. Be on the lookout for an official grand opening in the upcoming months. 

-Coach Ray

Currently open during renovations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

Is CrossFit for ME? It is constantly varied, functional movement, done at relatively high intensity.  Yes. The best part about CrossFit is that it can be adjusted, scaled, or modified to fit anyone’s needs. It doesn't matter if you are a stay at home, mom/dad, an elite athlete, sit in an office all day, or want to carry in groceries more efficiently. CrossFit is for anyone willing to put in hard work! 

What Should I Expect from CrossFit CleanSlate? 

Fun, laughs, community, and building strength!

How do I start? 

Everyone who is new to CrossFit must complete 5 on-ramp classes (beginner's classes). In on-ramp you will be introduced to movements you will be completing in our regular classes. Please